Black Friday is just a week away!

Earn Avios, Virgin Miles or cashback whilst shopping….



There are some bargains to be had (Amazon have already started their Black Friday offers), but also a few hidden red herrings which are not. Of course not long after we will have Christmas – so why not get some cashback, Avios or Virgin Miles on those purchases?!

Whilst I enjoy travelling and not always paying the same as the next person, I also enjoy saving on everyday shopping and expenses!

Many people can’t be bothered to use such sites, but to date I have received over £6,000 in cashback and received countless Avios and other miles for little effort! That in itself has paid for a few hotels and holidays!!! With all three schemes below, I am seeing increased offers from retailers for the next week or so. So even if the item is not reduced, you might earn extra cashback, Avios or Virgin Miles.

I am happy to share with you some of those methods. It could save you 5, 10 or even 15% or more on your shopping for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas.

The site I use the most is TopCashback(Click here) I have had over £4,000 in cashback whilst not having to spend a penny more. This has come from contracts for broadband, utilities or mobile phones (often £100+); booking hotels and flights; items for an HMO, SA or BTL or even our own home! They are currently giving a £5 Amazon voucher for anyone joining. I used to use Quidco, but as TopCashback guarantees the highest rate, I have no need to.

When you have earned your cashback you can withdraw as cash or you can convert to high street gift cards which includes bonus rates of 10% plus or you can convert your cashback to Avios! At the moment they have a 25% bonus on Avios when you cashout.

I also get Avios via the BA Shops portal(Click here) – I am seeing offers of 10, 15 and even over 20 Avios per £1 spent by clicking through from the store. Argos is on this portal, but not on the cashback sites – this might be true of other large and small companies.

For Virgin Miles I use Virgin Shops Away – (Click here) one added bonus with this scheme is that you can also register your credit cards and  therefore when shopping in store at places such as Waitrose, Cafe Nero, Matalan, National Express and more you will get Virgin Miles!!

Don’t forget your cashback, Avios or Virgin Miles is in addition to any Avios or Virgin Miles you may earn via your Credit Cards  or Curve Card 

Double dipping or even tripping dipping is very much alive…. These companies want to give back to you, so don’t miss out on your share of their marketing budget!

For the benefit of transparency, I will get a small kickback to anyone joining TopCashback via the link above. You are of course not obliged to and can join direct but doing so helps the site.